Killer Kau two girlfriends pen down heartfelt condolences to their love_ Mzansi was left in shock

Killer Kau two girlfriends pen down heartfelt condolences to their love_ Mzansi was left in shock

Instead of young people burying their parents, it is the other way round. It is very sad to learn of the deaths of young people. The fast lifestyle has caused the deaths of many young people in the country. It was a sad day on women’s day after the death of young artists was announced on social media platforms. The four aspiring Amapiano artists had been reported to have been involved in a car accident on Sunday evening, August 8th 2021.

The artists were traveling to Marikana for a gig they were booked to perform at. They were five inside the Mercedes Benz. Popular Tholukuthi hitmaker Killer Kau is among the artists who lost their lives. Another artist who rose to prominence recently was Umsebenzi wethu hitmaker Mpura, who also died at the scene of the incident. The other two were also artists. Khanya Hadebe and Thato Tot have been reported to be rising Amapiano DJS.

Sources revealed that one female survived who was also in the car survived and is currently in hospital. The accident claimed the lives of five people, four artists and the driver of the other car they had collided with.


Fans and celebrities took to social media to send their condolences to the artists. Killer Kau girlfriends also penned heartfelt condolences to their love. However, as it is the norm for a guy to have one girlfriend, that was not the case with Killer Kau. As a celebrity, he has many girlfriends. The late Amapiano artist is rumoured to have had four girlfriends. Out of four, two sent condolences in public. Below is their message to their deceased boyfriend.

Mzansi was shocked to learn that Killer Kau was in love with multiple women. However, others described it as common for artists as they are known for dating many partners at once. Killer Kau girlfriends never felt ashamed to send their condolences to their boyfriend.

In my opinion, I think our youth should be taught to stop drinking and driving since it is resulting in car accidents. The artists must hire a driver to escort them after a gig. The live videos are also causing accidents. Our youth must be taught to put their cellphones away when driving.

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