Grade 8 Learner Shakes The Whole Mzansi After Getting 40 Million And Doing This With It 

Grade 8 Learner Shakes The Whole Mzansi After Getting 40 Million And Doing This With It

Although each of us today has different perspectives of defining the word success truth is no matter how you choose to explain and define the word success truth is it shall always have something to do with money, There ain’t such thing as success without money because now even the so-called Ph.D. holders and another form of graduates are employed and doing various things to get the money like everybody else,

So now with all that being that way, A grade 8 learners are trending on tweeter after she picked up a bag with money estimated to be 40 million rands and decided to hand over the bag to the police, The reason being that she wants to focus on her studies she does not want the money to district her at all.


Her returning the money to the police when the money could have changed her life for the better and turned her and her family members into the best versions of themselves has got a lot of people talking on tweeter, Refer to the screenshots attached below to see what various people have been saying about the stunt the girl has just pulled when she had a chance to change her life.

Looking at all these comments no one seems to be siding with her everyone is quite convinced that what she did was a big mistake which she will leave to regret for the rest of her life. So now looking at this entire situation from a view that she returned it with the intention of focusing on school and becoming something better in life what is it that you have to say? Was returning it a good move or not?

Bear in mind that with school nothing is guaranteed she can still finish it and get all sorts of degrees but still be unemployed like the millions of unemployed graduates we have countrywide, What’s your take on this whole situation? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates

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