Pray For Them: See Celebrities Who Are Fighting Deadly Diabetes

Pray For Them: See Celebrities Who Are Fighting Deadly Diabetes

Today we get to talk more about celebrities who are truly going through the worst as they are fighting diabetes. Diabetes is said to be a deadly illness and has claimed the lives of many people worldwide. These are people who are trying agaisnt all odds to put a smile on their faces although they are going through a lot. They are people who are inspiring others to hang in there when going through a lot of problems to avoid being depressed. These are powerhouses that proved to the masses that anything is possible as long as they put their minds on it.They are truly inspirational to others who are going through some difficult times.

Let’s start with Tshepo Mosese who is a South African television actor famously known for his role of Lerumo Chabedi on Scandal.

Scandal is a South African soapie series currently on air on Etv. He portrays the character of a detective and hard working man. He is also popularly known for by his stage name ” Howza” as he is also an artist. Many people cannot believe that Tshepo is facing diabetes.He has been diagnosed with diabetes for the past ten years. He also revealed that his father was also diagnosed with a type 2 diabetes.

Sophie Lichaba

She is a South African actress famously known for her role of Queen on Generations. She acted as Queen on Generations alongside the late Menzi Ngubane who passed away earlier this year. People were shocked when she suddenly lost weight and decided to be off the screens for a long time. Sophie is also battling diabetes. Her weight loss truly left people in tears and there were times were people would say she would not survive because diabetes is a deadly illness that has claimed the lives of many people . But agaisnt all odds she is rising and getting back to her feet. She is truly an inspiration to many people worldwide. You can share your thoughts and follow for more news.

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