Good News! all R350 applicants on September payments

Good News! all R350 applicants on September payments

It’s been a month and a day since the commencement of the Sassa 350 grand, which was introduced by the president of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaposa, in July this year. The Grant was implemented following the extended lockdown during the outbreak. Due to the high unemployment rate and the pandemic that has harmed employment, the government, together with the president, brought back the ground which was implemented back then but was cut in April due to the scarcity of cash.

According to the president’s statement, the grant has been prepared by the minister of social development, Lindiwe Zulu, for qualifying and deserving South African residents. The first payment for the grant commenced in the last week of August 2021. The majority of people have received the payment for August but haven’t received it for September.

Qualifying beneficiaries took it to social media as they are anxious about when they are going to receive the money for September, as on the dashboard it indicates pending. According to the beneficiaries, no one has been paid for September so far and it is towards the month-end. Others qualify for the Grant that they have been approved for in August, but they have not been given a date on their status. The good.

news is that, according to SASSA, the payments are underway for the month of September and the organization has also apologized for the delay. That simply means that the payments may start rolling as of today on 27 September 2021. However, SASSA did not indicate when exactly the payment would start for September as there is no fixed date for payment, but as per their statement, the money is on the way and all the approved applicants will be paid.



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