Get well messages are pouring in for Dawn Thandeka after sharing this pic

Get well messages are pouring in for Dawn Thandeka after sharing this pic

Dawn Thandeka King (born October 1, 1977) is a South African actress, musician, and motivational speaker from Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal.Dawn Thandeka King was born in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal.After finishing her matric, she went on to complete her drama studies at Technikon Natal (now known as DUT). Dawn has made her appearance in various dramas like Uzalo, lockdown, Diep city, and many more, that where people know her from.

People like Dawn Thandeka play a special role in people’s lives even though they don’t personally know her, whenever they see something out of the ordinary they ask questions as they worry. A lot has been happening to Thandeka lately not long she opened up about suffering from depression after losing her father and having to have to move to Joburg with her family after finding a new job.

It seems like there’s always something after the other when it comes to Dawn Thandeka, people were worried after dawn posted a picture of herself on her Instagram with a bandage on her leg, people started asking questions as to what happened why is she wearing a bandage?

But she didn’t reply, though she didn’t reply to why she was wearing, I assume is because of the injury she mention during an interview with timeslive when she revealed that she was injured but she didn’t want to worry people so she decided to keep quiet as she wanted to heal on her own without worrying anyone. That’s probably the reason why she was wearing a bandage, her leg is still in the healing procedure.

Hopefully, it’s nothing serious because she’s has been through a lot already its time for her to get some rest, as people we go through a lot but somewhere somehow we all deserve some break. And it’s time she got that break.

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