Lady reveals what her Ex partner did to her before new year: she wants him arrested

Lady reveals what her Ex partner did to her before new year: she wants him arrested

My Ex boyfriend does not want to go away and you will not believe what he did at 23:30 at my house:

A relationship that has an Abusive partner isn’t a good relationship as one is at risk of losing they’re life in said relationship. It’s unpredictable what could happen to you in an Abusive relationship and it is advisable that one seeks help immediately before anything else gets worse.


A mzansi young lady recently shared a tweet looking for help as her Ex boyfriend whom she cut ties with doesn’t want to leave her alone. The lady revealed that her ex partner even crushed to her place at the middle of the night at about 23:30, when she was unaware of it.

She revealed that she was going to lay charges against him because he assulted her and according to him they’re not supposed to separate. He was later arrested and she said that he’ll appear on Tuesday. She went on to reveal more disturbing things that her ex partner did to her in her tweets and everyone was shocked.

The man went on to damage her cellphone so she couldn’t communicate with anyone else on her cellphone mobile.

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I personally think that relationships might look nice at first but when one doesn’t necessarily know that person’s background or how they leave it becomes a problem for the gentle person. That is why people should really know each other clearly or leave immediately a relationship that they see that it won’t work with said partner because of they’re behaviour. It’s very important to check such things because many people lose they’re lives because of the same mistake.



Many Twitter users went on to share they’re on opinions, thoughts, and feelings towards the shared tweet on twitter comments, here are some if the screenshots shared by Twitter users,

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