Big Zulu’s daughter left fans in shock on social media

Big Zulu’s daughter left fans in shock on social media

Children are a gift from the Almighty. Some say a man without kids or a wife is like a guitar without strings. No matter how rich or powerful you may be as a man, you must know that you need some children in your life. Seems like Big Zulu is one of those blessed men when it comes to kids.

Siyasanga Nene, professionally known by name; Big Zulu is the South African Award-winning popular musician best known for his hitting track; Imali energy which won multiple hearts in Mzansi and probably in other countries in Africa in the year 2020. Big Zulu is not only a musician, but he is also a father to his two children, whom he had with different women. His firstborn child is a boy, Bulie’s son Shaka. In his current relationship with Makenete Lebogang, he has a daughter.

This 35-year-old Bergville born star recently shared a picture of his daughter celebrating her birthday. The Zulu caption of the post reads: “Happy Birthday Sisi uyakuthanda uBaba ❤ khula uziphathe kahle uhloniphe ❤ omdala, uhloniphe omncane ukuze insuku zokuphila zande ❤🙏” Translation: ‘… Daddy loves you, takes care of yourself and respect everyone, regardless of age so that you can be blessed with more days of life.

Everyone was wishing her an amazing day, some were complimenting her for being so cute. There were also those who noticed that this little girl looks like her father, is it? And the comments were like:

“A whole beautiful inkabikazi😍 Happy blessed birthday to your princess nabi”

“She is sooo cute! Happy birthday nana”

“It is only me who sees the resemblances between the father and daughter? You look alike”.




Anyway, check out some of the comments below:

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