LEAKED: Hlaudi Motsoeneng could lose his R22 million if he fails to do this

LEAKED: Hlaudi Motsoeneng could lose his R22 million if he fails to do this

https://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/hlaudi-motsoeneng-risks-losing-out-on-r22m-sabc-pension-payout-7ac090b1-bb7d-480f-9964-6a9bb6b5195fFormer SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who’s disputable, could lose R22 million pension held by the public broadcaster’s pension fund if he doesn’t pay back the R11.5 million. Last week, the South Gauteng High Court asked the leader of the African Content Movement to pay the R11.5 million success fee he raised.

Issues with Motsoeneng’s SABC and Special Investigating Unit (SIU) can be exacerbated. Seeking after one more case of over R10.2 million as squandered and sporadic fees brought throughout his residency at the 2 organizations’ public telecasters. In court records, SABC and SIU said that inefficient and ill-suggested spending cases won’t continue until the case for the R11.5 million success fee is finished.

Motsoeneng excused the strategies due to inefficient and illegal spending since he was unable to defer the matter, had no valid or prevalent grounds and asked that the techniques be excused for an expense. Stated the High Court. “The annuity reserve is to pay SABC R11.5 million from the pension collected to help Motsoeneng for SABC, or Motsoeneng’s pension that it’s not R11.5 million.

“You want to pay everything, and if the following litigant (Motsoeneng) does not dispatch the assets in 7 days of deciding on this choice”, the judgment said. Acting Judge Khan clarified the SABC Board’s Administration and Designating Council’s August 2016 choice, and Motsoeneng impeded an exhibition fee of 2.5% of R21.2 billion. Gauteng, the SABC annuity keep for paying everything of the benefits he was certified for, Motsoeneng, is entitled until a declare from public telecasters is forthcoming.

Motsoeneng attempted to drag out an annuity of R2 22 million from the asset. On Friday, Motsoeneng’s woman Lerato struck online media, her family was as but condemned to the High Court, and he or she had to reimburse R11.five million, she said. “My father is fine and could make a few noises rapidly,” she said.


Paying R11.5 million to get R22 million? That’s an R10.5 million profit, Motsoeneng should go for it. Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more insightful news

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