Romeo on Scandal, He’s marrying his second wife

Romeo on Scandal, He’s marrying his second wife

Watch the video of the announcement on the following link

Hungary Malcolm Ndlovu is a South African actor and dancer. He is a Tsonga actor best known for his roles in the television serials Memoir of an Honest Voice, Sipho, and also on Scandal as Romeo.

People fell in love with him and his role in the Scandal. They even demanded the show to not kill his role although he was relocating to the United States with his wife.

People didn’t fall in love with him only but also his relationship with the co-scandal actor. Actor Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows tied the knot over a year ago in a beautiful intimate ceremony. Their relationship is an inspiration to many and they seem to have peace together.

Unfortunately, they took it to YouTube, on their channel to announce that they are adding another member to their marriage. It has been reported that Hungani Ndlovu is planning to take a second wife.

Not many wives can accept that, but looking at the video, Stephanie Sandows seems cool with it.


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