Zuma’s Health Is Worrying: See What They Did To Him in Hospital Yesterday

Zuma’s Health Is Worrying: See What They Did To Him in Hospital Yesterday

Date: 15/06/21


It was only a week ago when it was announced that the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma had been released from prison and admitted to a hospital because of his health issues. This was something that was greatly unexpected as many thought that he was still in prison. It is said that he has a lot of health complications at the current moment and it will take a lot of time for him to recover from them.

This then placed many questions about his imprisonment and how it was going to be handled as he is to remain in hospital. On Saturday, new information came out from the South African correctional service as they were updating the country on what exactly is happening to the former president in hospital.

It was announced that former president Jacob Zuma had surgery done on him on Saturday. This surgical procedure was something that was very necessary and now he has to remain in the hospital for an undetermined amount of time.

According to Jacob Zuma doctor, he revealed the fact that he will need about six months to recover from all of the health issues he has. It is said that now that he had his very first surgical procedure, there are many more that are scheduled for the upcoming days. This then means that his health is really in danger because no one knows how long it will take for him to recover from all of these surgical procedures that are being done on him.

The hospital had not revealed how many more surgical procedures are needed but they did state that he does need them in order to survive his current health condition. This is why Zuma supporters need to keep him in their prayers as he is battling a very big war against his health.

What makes Zuma supporters even more angry is the fact that the former president mentioned that he is in bad health and will not survive in prison. The country now waits to see what is going to he said about his health in the next coming weeks.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think that President Jacob Zuma needs to be released from prison before something bad happens to him?

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