Lehasa posted pictures of himself with his two grannies but people noticed these

Lehasa posted pictures of himself with his two grannies but people noticed these

Do you know that aging is a blessing, a gift to be treasured? Whenever we pray, we always ask the Almighty to give us more days of being alive. As a matter of fact, nobody has ever imagined him/herself dying at a younger age, always have a belief that death will come when we’ve aged enough.

The South African actor who goes by the name; Cedric Fourie, popularly known for his acting role ‘Lehasa Maphosa’ in the SABC 1’s educational drama series; Skeem saam recently shared some pictures on Instagram of himself with these two old women whom he says one of them is his grandmother who happens to be his real grandmother’s cousin.

The Instagram post is captioned: “Meet grandma Betty on my right (my grandmother’s cousin). She’s 101 years of age. Spent some quality time with my grandmothers and man do I feel so blessed to have my own guardian angels still walking along side me physically. Yes, we flex differently in my family”. Can you believe it? His grandmother is 101 years old, what a blessing. People even commented that she looks so strong, she doesn’t look that age at all.

People were ‘wowing’ and complementing. Some even noticed that the other granny on the left hand side has some few resemblances same as Cedric’s, they kinda look alike. The light skin complexion, eyes and all that. However, Cedric didn’t say anything about this granny who looks like him, and it might probably happen that she’s just a friend with this grandmother of his who’s 101 years old.





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