Zuma’s Corruption Trial Takes Different Twist As ‘New’ Evidence Emerges

Zuma’s Corruption Trial Takes Different Twist As ‘New’ Evidence Emerges

The arms deal corruption trial of former president Jacob Zuma has taken a different twist as new information emerged which shows who else is involved in the case.

Zuma who is currently serving his 15 months jail term at Escourt Prison is expected to appear at the Pietermaritzburg High Court once he is well to do so, but prior to that his legal team had revealed that the former head of state will spill beans on the big foundations and individuals who benefitted on the arms deal.

New information that has emerged shows that the late former president Nelson Mandela and his Foundation benefitted from the arms deal.

B.M Thusini attorneys who were initially representing Jacob Zuma in the arms deal case revealed in a letter they addressed to Nelson Mandela Foundation that their client was not involved at all in offering any protection to any company or person in return for any financial rewards while he served within the ANC.

The letter also revealed that the evidence submitted to the Commission of Inquiry chaired by Justice Seriti, Colonel Johan Du Plooy of the National Prosecuting Authority and and Richard M. Young of C212 implicated Nelson Mandela and the Nelson Mandela Foundation to having benefitted from the arms deal.

It’s alleged that documentary evidence presented by Colonel Johan Du Plooy and Richard Young shows that Nelson Mandela and his Foundation may have received payments or donations from German and French companies that were appointed by the South African government in the Strategic Defense Procurement Packages.

They claim this happened after the awarding of the four corvette ship contract by the South African government to the German corvette consortium.

Thusini attorneys also revealed that allegations has it that the NPA also uncovered documentary evidence which suggests that Nelson Mandela may have had a direct role in influencing decisions over the selection of successful contractors and subcontractors of the Strategic Defense Procurement Packages.

Now Jacob Zuma is being accused of corruption due to this case and the letter by Thusini attorneys refutes that Zuma was involved in arms deal procurement process at any level and only came to know about it after the information which has now come to be known to the public emerged.

Source: https://twitter.com/_AfricanSoil/status/1427695019956359173?t=rmU8rDHWxkcDpxfoeaAAfQ&s=19

Jacob Zuma’s legal team also send letter demanding that ANC financial statements from the year arms deal was established be submitted.

The ANC responded by saying all financial statements were destroyed by floods which were at Luthuli House.


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