Zondo To Address The Media Today in Response to Lindiwe Sisulu’s Writing

Zondo To Address The Media Today in Response to Lindiwe Sisulu’s Writing



The minister of tourism Lindiwe Sisulu turned the whole country upside down when she decided to write a letter detailing how bad the state of the country has become and how unfair its laws are. This is something the country did not expect at all but it came as a surprise but many citizens thought that it was something that was needed. Not even the president responded to this later but on Wednesday, news came out that deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo would respond.


It was just announced that Raymond Zondo has decided to respond to Lindiwe Sisulu. Below is the announcement by News24 journalist:


Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to address the media “in response to an opinion piece attributed to the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Lindiwe Sisulu”

The briefing is scheduled for 16h00 ”

Many South Africans are actually surprised at the fact that it is the chief justice that chooses to respond. They are asking questions like whether or not there was a need for a response to such a letter but it seems it was necessary. This is likely to be the talk of the country the whole of today.


Is not known to what capacity is the chief justice replying to the minister of tourism but we are all going to see you in due time. Maybe the president of South Africa was the one that was supposed to respond since this also concerns him directly. The country is about to be shaken once again as it seems that Lindiwe Sisulu struck a nerve with her writing and many are hurt by it. If this was a way to get the country’s attention, it surely did work.

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