R10k For ID & Work Permit: In SHOCK As Dept. Of Home Affairs Staff Is Exposed letting Illegals In SA

R10k For ID & Work Permit: In SHOCK As Dept. Of Home Affairs Staff Is Exposed letting Illegals In SA

R10k For ID & Work Permit: In SHOCK As Dept. Of Home Affairs Staff Is Exposed letting Illegals In SA.

Earlier this month after it trended that over 600 Zimbabweans flooded the Beitbridge border. A South African, Zintle Zimbini, exposed how money speaks at South African borders as migration officers make tens of thousands of Rands per week from taking bribes from migrants.

In her revelation, amidst the chaos of thousands of Zimbabweans being stuck at the Beitbridge border, they’re many being taken into our country undocumented and without a Covid-19 vaccine card. As long as you have R100 to pay border control officers.

This revelation made many South Africans seek to find out if this was true after feeling Zintle Zimbini wasn’t being true. One person who took it seriously is Jovi, known simply as South African Fighter, had to make findings on how these illegals get into our country and get jobs and he discovered Zimbabweans spend about R10,000 plus to gain ID cards and work permits.

According to Jovi, who shared his chats after he got a Mr. Khumalo’s contact from a Zimbabwean group as the South African man who helps them get these things settled. Mr. Khumalo who works with the Department of Home Affairs requested R4000 for a work permit and R6000 for South African ID cards.

In his words;

“Did my own digging on how zimbos get SA IDs and it was so easy to get someone that works at home affairs I’m still shocked on how easy it was he didn’t even ask questions.”

With hundreds of likes, shares, and comments, many have aired their views saying all Zimbabweans who have been able to gain these IDs and permits should be rounded up and deported, whilst others demand that the South African culprits be dealt with strongly. here are some reactions below;

“All of them must be audited, their lifestyle, this is scary, I’m asking myself for how long they’ve been doing this mess,”

“And I doubt this is a scam because I got the numbers from a Zimbabwean group on Facebook and some lady sent them the numbers saying “anyone who needs SA ID and permits must contact Mr. Khumalo he assisted me”

“But now that his Banking details are known, his true identity can also be traced including his address.”

“You know if you were a patriot yourself then you wouldn’t be hiding this person’s number, these are the people we want out of the system.”


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