Young Girl caused a stir after People noticed this in her picture

Young Girl caused a stir after People noticed this in her picture


The African National Congress was supposed to be a huge political party and an undisputed one because it consists of freedom fighters like Carl Niehaus, Cyril Ramaphosa, and the man himself Msholodzi. However the ANC has separated into two parties, the Jacob Zuma party and the Cyril Ramaphosa, this maternal war started in 2017 when Ramaphosa replaced Msholodzi in the presidential seat.


The Jacob Zuma party of the ANC has the likes of Duduzile Zuma who’s always tweeting day and day out, alongside Mzwanele Manyi. Those two are considered the main casters on social media. However, the Cyril Ramaphosa party doesn’t have people who are always posting on social media on their behalf.

In the past few days, people were wondering if Dudu got married again or if she found a job or not because she was so quiet. But it doesn’t seem so as yesterday she marked her return with a tweet that caused huge compassion on Twitter.

Yesterday she only retweeted the tweets of wonderboy Peter’ seems like wonderboy is a family man. In the past 2 days wonderboy, Peter, and his family of 5 went to visit Zuma in Nkandla. The family consists of him and his wife, an older daughter and a second-born daughter, and a last-born son. However, it was the elder daughter who made headlines last night.

Dudu then retweeted a picture posted by wonderboy Peter’s where he posted his older daughter wearing a T-shirt with Zuma’s face printed on it, Written sphithiphithi evaluator. The picture was captioned “Proud of you my baby, you have a clean heart like daddy”.

It seems like The caption only adds some salt on the wounds of Ramaphosa’s supporters as they went to troll the girl, saying that she’s stupid, like her father and Zuma as well. Many people were disappointed in her and told her to buy new clothes because wearing a T-shirt printed with Zuma’s head is a red flag.

However, there were people who were impressed with the girl and they y’all went to appreciate her for representing Zuma and the ANC as well. Others even asked God to look after her because they think she will grow up to be the next Mama Madikizela, and all of them seem to be supporters of former president Jacob Zuma.

See how people reacted to this tweet below :

It seems like there are a lot of people who still have faith in Zuma running the ANC again. A lot of people in KwaZulu-Natal have been wearing those kinds of T-shirts like the one that the girl is wearing. They’re written Evaluating sphithiphithi, meaning that Zuma is the only one who’s fit to solve the chaos within the ANC.


I think that Zuma is better off where he is because he’s the one responsible for the separation within the ANC and yet his friends still blame Ramaphosa for it, saying he’s a backstabber. Duduzile must also stop putting young kids on her Things wearing Zuma-printed Tees because she’s being attacked for no reason on social media.

What’s your view about this matter, do you think that Zuma is the only hope of saving the ANC?”don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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