Xandy Claimed“Any Lady Who Sleeps With My Husband Will Get Stuck” 

Xandy Claimed“Any Lady Who Sleeps With My Husband Will Get Stuck”

When you look at the troubles that have arisen between a well-known Ghanaian figure, Xandy Kamel, and her husband, King Kaninja, you will notice that many people are attempting to express their opinions about the two.

This is not a new development, since the same thing has been observed to occur in the cases of other celebrities whose marriages have experienced difficulties.

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, Xandy explicitly stated that since her husband took the courageous step of removing his wedding ring, she has also done the same and has therefore removed her own symbol of marriage.

She also warns any women who believe that their husband has no longer put a ring on their finger and would consent to lie with him in bed to either keep off or do so at their own risk.

According to her, any lady who attempts this will be in problems because her husband will become entangled in her, and they would be held responsible for the situation.

Afterward, she states that she believes this is the primary reason why the man removed his wedding band, in order to raise awareness among the general public about his status as a single man.

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