Women, If You Want To Live Long Never Marry These five Types Of Men

Women, If You Want To Live Long Never Marry These five Types Of Men

Dating can be a very tricky game if not done properly and carefully. If you don’t choose wisely, you are bound to make mistakes. And it’ll be more worse if you marry that person.. Marriage means being with someone for life. Every day the husband behaves well or badly. That’s why it’s so important to meet a good person who truly loves, supports and cares for you. If you meet a good enough person, you might want to get married. But there are some men you should never marry. Better to be alone than to date these 5 types of men:

1. The one who is abusive:

Why would you want to be with someone who was abusive in the first place? Never work with someone who cannot control their anger or irritability. It’s fine if your partner gets furious now and again, but if you’ve seen that he gets angry about the most insignificant things and vents his frustrations in an abusive manner, you should leave.

Eventually, you will also become depressed. If your partner is verbally abusive now, he may be physically aggressive in the future. So don’t marry an angry man:

2. “The ‘work is life’ man:

This is one that should definitely be avoided. It’s good that your partner is career-oriented, but if he thinks about his job all day, you should reconsider your options. A fully engaged person does not give advice or opinions about anything.

They listened quietly, nodded and said “whatever you want”. They don’t plan, they don’t discuss the future and they don’t take initiative. If you marry such a person, You will be lonely because he will not be able to connect with you emotionally:

3. The one who can only think of getting married:

So you’ve only met this guy a few times. Your partner knows, but he acts like he’s known you for years and talked about getting married. Marriage and children are his only topics of conversation. Such a person cannot be trusted, because he only talks out of turn. After all, it gives you plenty of reasons to stop doing something. If your partner is always talking about marriage, how much he loves you and can’t wait to live with you, he’s probably man full of empty words.

4. The over possessive man:

So this person doesn’t like what you’re doing. What you wear, who you chat with, how long you chat with other people, why you post on social media. Imagine that your husband talks about every little thing about you and you have to deal with it for the rest of your life. You may think they are kind and loving, but they are poisonous. No matter how hard you try, you will never earn the man’s trust.

5. Casanova:

If you are just one of his intrigues, you will see it in his behavior. A playboy will stick around only as long as he is enthralled by you or believes you can be the new sensation in his life. If you try to talk about something important to him, he will ask you to change the subject because you are ruining the moment.

Before you know it, he’s bored and looking for another woman. Why would a woman be with an adulterous man?

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