“Well, It Turns Out The President Lied”SA Youth Allegedly Exposes Ramaphosa’s Lies

“Well, It Turns Out The President Lied”SA Youth Allegedly Exposes Ramaphosa’s Lies

A South African youth and social media user, said that President Cyril Ramaphosa lied to the people, and he allegedly exposed the lies in a series of tweets. The young man said, “Well, it turns out the president lied when he answered Maimane’s question. The lie was so huge that it opened up a whole can of worms, with Maimane lodging a complaint with the public protector”. He made it known that those who have been following the happenings in the government since Ramaphosa became president will know that he has been committing several blunders if they must be true to themselves. He again wrote, “The outcome was the PP saying in her report that the President had misled parliament and that he also “breached the Executive Ethics Code by failing to disclose financial interest accrued to him as a result of the donations received for the so-called CR17 campaign.” fund”.

The young man released what he tagged as 5 blunders committed by Ramaphosa that prove he is not a man of integrity. The young man again added, “Keeping silent about corruption. In an explosive clip leaked by the prominent online media platform, The Insight Factor, Cyril confesses to being privy to information relating to crimes of frauds and corruption”. The man said that Ramaphosa is never truthful to himself and those he is leading, so he cannot be said to be a man of proven integrity. President Cyril Ramaphosa was quoted as saying,

“Investigations will reveal that a lot of money, of public money, was used. And I said in this case, I am prepared to fall on the sword so that the CR17 campaign, yes, should be the only one that’s looked at, and not the others. Because the image of the African National Congress is what I am most concerned about. Each one of us knows that quite a bit of money that is used in campaigns, (inaudible) around in doing all manner of things is often from state resources and public resources…” This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa said in the now-viral audio clip.


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