Gogo says she is voting for Makhadzi

Gogo says she is voting for Makhadzi

“Magogo with yena uvotela (Ingoma C )TO 33665 for makhani……………………UKHOZI song of the year. Please don’t forget to vote for Sukhoi song of the year”. This comment was posted by Makhadzi after a Granny described how Makhadzi’s performances are. Makhadzi posted details on how people can vote for her so that she can win song of the year on the Ukhozi radio station.

This is definitely the greatest Wisdom talking, Good luck Queen of Africa, Makhadzi. The Granny said it all, Makhadzi is a great performer, musician, all her performances have that energy, great, fun, and entertaining. But why isn’t Makhadzi posting the code every day so that we can vote for her? She must capitalize on the time that she has. Wish you luck Makhadzi you’ve been working too hard. You deserve all the votes queen, you are good at what you do. All the way from KwaZulu-Natal, we’ll do, it means your music knows no boundaries.

This is social media and you have many followers from different countries so if you want to post something try to post in full English for others to understand.

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