We will defend ESKOM: Andile Lungisa says, this will leave you in shock

We will defend ESKOM: Andile Lungisa says, this will leave you in shock

Andile Lungisa, a prominent member of the African National Congress who is known for his legislative work in South Africa, has declared that he will protect the country’s power utility, Eskom, from any attempt to destroy it. At this time, Eskom is responsible for supplying approximately 90 percent of the country’s electrical power.

In spite of this fact, Power Utility has been having a lot of trouble keeping the lights on as of late. In addition to this, as a direct result of these factors, the nation is experiencing consistent burden shedding. Regardless of this fact, the South African Power Utility has decided to suspend the implementation of load shedding starting this week. On Monday, the President of South Africa gave a speech in front of the nation, during which he demonstrated that efforts are currently being made to investigate potential solutions to the country’s current energy crisis. On the other hand, a former councilor of Nelson Mandela Bay named Andile Lungisa stated that rather than eliminating or disbanding the power organization, he would replace the current board members as well as the CEO of the Eskom group.

In the past, there was some talk about dismantling Eskom altogether. On the other hand, Andile Lungisa seems to contradict this view regarding the breakup of Eskom.

Andile Lungisa expressed it in the manner that sounded the most natural to him.

We will protect Eskom from any attempt to eliminate it or divide it up into smaller parts. At this point, the most important plan is to clear out the current board and give André de Ruyter control of the situation. It’s a snowflake that’s been around.


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