Watch: Men Carry Coffin Across Deadly Bridge Risking Their Lives

Watch: Men Carry Coffin Across Deadly Bridge Risking Their Lives


Mzansi has been left fuming after a video emerged which shows two men carrying a coffin across a makeshift bridge which also looks unstable and deadly in an attempt to get to the other side.

This area which some stated is in Eastern Cape doesn’t have a proper bridge where vehicles can pass through, hence men had to go to the other side to receive the deceased and carry them through the bridge.

Mmusi Maimane said this proves the incompetence of the ruling party ANC which has been in power for 28 years, yet areas where black people live are still in a sorry state.

“This is not what our citizens deserve after 28 years or democracy,” Mmusi Maimane said. Social critics are however blaming people who still vote for ANC especially in Eastern Cape where most rural areas don’t have proper structures such as bridges. In some areas in the province, residents cross flooded rivers while closed up in a plastic drum.

There are now men who had decided to take it upon themselves, to assist villagers to cross to the other side while inside a drum. They however don’t do it for free, but they charge a certain fee to help people cross

Critics have been trying to get ANC leadership in the province to take action and resolve this matter, but misappropriation of funds and corruption is the reason why the province cannot get proper structures.

“The money and resources that would have built bridges and road networks were siphoned and looted by the leadership of South Africa after 1994. 28 years of majority rule did not help South Africa to prosper and grow,” some argued.

“I feel no pity for the Eastern Cape people. They are the ones who keep voting for the same party that treats them like this. They must stop complaining,” others did not mince their words, but placed blame on the residents who keep voting for people who cannot develop their areas.

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