Warning! A New Covid-19 Variant That Could Rander Vaccines Useless has Been Discovered South Africa

Warning! A New Covid-19 Variant That Could Rander Vaccines Useless has Been Discovered South Africa

Date: 30/08/21


The Coronavirus in South Africa has taken many different formes since it started. It’s been over a year and a half since the pandemic started in South Africa and so far, the virus has taken the whole country for a ride. It seems like once the people think that they have the virus in order, either a different variant comes along or the country enters a new wave of infections.

So far, about 3 waves of the Coronavirus have existed in South Africa and this is not even the end of it. According to the health department and research, South Africa might be in for another wave of infections just before the end of October. New information has just been released by the department of communicable diseases in South Africa that states a new variant of the virus has been discovered in South Africa soil and what makes it worse is it might render vaccines useless.

Below is a tweet that introduced this virus to South Africa.

“NEW VARIANT—a new #SARSCoV2 variant C.1.2 just identified in South Africa & several countries, with concerns it could be more infectious and evade vaccines. #C12 also has mutation rate that is nearly **twice as fast** as the rate of the other variants.”


This announcement was made of Monday the 30th of August. This is something the people never expected but now it is happening and they have to deal with it. What this means is that South Africa might be in big trouble. The current third wave has been rising again and it seems the main perpetrator could be this new variant.

It is currently being studied by many scientists across the world and the greatest worry is that South Africa does not have the necessary resources to keep this virus under wraps or contained. The country might need to move to a tougher alert level of the lockdown soon enough to try and protect itself from this virus but all of that will be communicated to the public by either the health department or the president of South Africa.

What is your take on the matter? What do you think South Africa must do now that a new variant has been detected?

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