UZALO: Njeza Gets Brutally Attacked By Viewers For Abusing Nosipho

UZALO: Njeza Gets Brutally Attacked By Viewers For Abusing Nosipho

Recently, in Uzalo, they have been addressing the problem of gender-based violence, which happens mostly in relationships. The strong line is a very important one because it is something that really japoends in society, and many people who have been in that situation or are can find it relatable, and those who are abusing and watching can maybe wake up and see that what they are doing is wrong. It is important to tackle why it is considered

one of the most dangerous countries for women to live in and how it can be fixed. Neza, who is playing the character of an abusive man, started beating his girlfriend, Nosipho. The characters show how a relationship can go from two people loving each other, and to one starting off as an abuser. It is also noted that Njeza’s father was an abuser who killed their mother. You would think someone who grew up in that kind of mind situation would not abuse, but he did.

The storyline is a brutal one. In one scene, Njeza beats up Nosipho so badly in front of the community that all they do instead of helping is watching. This is the same thing that happens in our real-life society as well. People would rather take videos of someone dying instead of helping.

Because Njeza plays his character so well, he got brutally attacked by viewers of Uzalo who can not differentiate between real life and acting. He says he keeps having to remind people that he is not the same person in real life and in his character. But he also said that even though he got attacked, it just goes to show that not all men are abusers and some are willing to protect women.

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