UthandoNesthembu_ Viewers Suspect The Fourth Wife Is Cheating After This Was Revealed

UthandoNesthembu_ Viewers Suspect The Fourth Wife Is Cheating After This Was Revealed

One thing about this season is that there are a lot of emotions that are being expressed, there is a lot that has to be said and it is quite evident that the tension is building. This was only the first episode, but one would swear that it is like they have already watched five episodes.

That is how hectic it was, polygamist and businessman Musa Mseleku seems to have a lot on his plate, but not just him, his fourth wife, MaNgwabe seems to be going through something.

It is still early to tell what led to her feeling the way she has been feeling lately, whatever we saw on last night’s episode most likely started long before the show even started.

One could say that the relationship between Musa and MaNgwabe is a bit strained and again, that could be because of numerous reasons that are not known to us yet.

But as time goes, we will probably understand what the real issue is, we got to pick something, but this was mainly about Musa not being happy that MaNgwabe is not doing her duties as a wife.

People did not waste any time, they came through with their assumptions, there were people who mentioned that MaNgwabe is acting like there is someone she is seeing.

Basically, people think that she might be having an affair outside the marriage, but this is only an assumption and there is really nothing much to it.

Some mentioned that it would be better if that was the case because she is going through a lot in that marriage. Musa emphasized something, he talked about how he would have to wait for MaNgwabe to come back before he eats supper.

Some people might find this a bit unfair on MaNgwabe, given that she has a business to run and other things on the side to do. However, this was the life she chose, it does not mean that Musa should be inconsiderate, but there was an understanding when MaNgwabe got into the marriage.

It is hard for her just as it is for everyone else who is involved, including Musa, who made this possible, he has done all he could to give MaNgwabe the life that she has.

The one thing that Musa surely deserves from MaNgwabe is respect, it actually matters that he has supported her to be where she is today, the least that she can do is to be available when he needs her and that is if she can make this happen, of course.

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