Unexpected|Another unstoppable fire happening on a Government building.

Unexpected|Another unstoppable fire happening on a Government building.


When we look at our data system it shows that is almost two days now the Parliamentary burning, first it started burning after new years eve on 2 January then the firefighters came to stop the fire. Then secondly again the Parliament was burning down last night. And honestly, the fire seems to have been planned. South African governments are under attack and nobody is realizing it. History and proof of historic events are also being erased. Love how the firefighters were praised yesterday for lying that the fire was under control, they were totally lying the fire will still going to continue, there’s someone hidden is fighting for ANC, but one-day truth will come out. Please see the pictures below.

The real reason why the South African Parliamentary was on fire is because of an attack to further destroy the legacy of the African National Congress by capitalists in South Africa. Honestly, if we look carefully the silent war between capitalism and communism started a very long time ago in South Africa, and the New Dawn allegedly knows about this but won’t say anything because he is part of the cabal. We already know that. But one day the truth will come out. For example, is former President Jacob Zuma has defeated 8 votes of no confidence without any burning of the National Assembly. We are not blind South Africans. Look at this thing carefully. But to make this article short just know that the list just added up to his crimes, we won’t mention his name but you already know him. It started by:


1. State capture.

2. Marikana massacre

3. R500 Billion disappear in a period of 3 months.

4. He Sealed documents.

5. And lastly the burning of parliament in a period of 2 days.

South Africans please be awake up, do not be blind there’s something strange is going on in this country wake up black child. Have you noticed that ever since President Cyril Ramaphosa took over as President South Africa, it has been nothing but a cursed nation by all Satanists, evil things are happening each and every day. South African people are deeply in a mess.

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