Two Police Officers Killed In A Horrific Accident, See What People Spotted At The Scene

Two Police Officers Killed In A Horrific Accident, See What People Spotted At The Scene

A horrific Accident has claimed the lives of two police officers in Gauteng. A police vehicle crushed into a truck and led to the two officers being killed instantly. People are always being advised to follow road rules in order to be at the right side. So many people have lost their lives in car accidents and this always leaves pain to their families. Just yesterday , ten people were killed in a crash that involved a truck and a fortune.

The accident happened in Limpopo after the driver of the fortuner lost control and collided with the truck. Ten people including two children were killed in the accident. It must be the most heartbreaking moment for their families. Honestly, losing them to this manner will always bring pain to their family members. Today two police officers who were on duty got killed after colliding with the truck.

On photos that have been circulating on social media, it was clear that they died a painful death. The police vehicle has been badly damaged. It has been said that the driver of the truck has been arrested however people believe that he was wrongfully arrested. On photos that circulated on social media, it was clear that he was at the right lane. People could see that the police vehicle was on the wrong side and that means it’s possible that the police vehicle driver did the mistake.

It’s something that people are not really ready to talk about. People are being advised to drive safely and to always make sure that they follow road rules. It’s better to arrive late than not to make it at all. Messages of condolences are being sent to the families during this heartbreaking moment. What is your take on this matter?, share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.


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