Twins: Tiktok lady confused with Makhadzi

Twins: Tiktok lady confused with Makhadzi

Scientists believe that each person has at least six doppelgangers. If people confuse you with someone else, that person is your lookalike. Sometimes you may wonder how can you look like people who are not related to you in any way.

Tiktok lady who looks exactly like Makhadzi Muimbi breaks the internet. We have seen Makhadzi’s mother and her two sisters, yes you can tell they are related but then this girl shares a striking resemblance with Makhadzi. Indeed everyone has a lookalike, some of us our lookalikes are our siblings while some of us look like the people we have never met.

The picture above is a photo collage of the girl on the left and Makhadzi on the right. If you don’t check clearly you may think that’s Makhadzi in the pic mix. This girl really looks like our queen. Many people thought she was Makhadzi when they first saw her on TikTok up until she spoke in her mother tongue and people realized she is just a look-alike.


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