LEAKED WHATSAPP MESSAGES ANC leaves many in shock as they defend member linked to Hillary’s murder

LEAKED WHATSAPP MESSAGES ANC leaves many in shock as they defend member linked to Hillary’s murder

Hillary Gardee was laid to rest on Saturday. Her body was found in bushes last week Tuesday, she had gone to a local grocery store and never returned. Three suspects have been so far arrested in connection with her murder. They are believed to be high-profile ANC figures.

ANC responds to the allegations.

The ANC in Mpumalanga has responded to news that one of their comrades is a prime suspect in the Hillary Gardee murder case. According to IOL, some Mpumalanga ANC members have expressed shock after learning that one of their comrades, a former Wits SRC president, had allegedly been linked to the murder of Hillary Gardee, the daughter of former EFF secretary-general Godrich Gardee. Now, these comrades are trying hard to defend the suspect, who holds a critical position at the Mpumalanga Legislature.

WhatsApp messages leaked

According to WhatsApp messages that have been seen by the IOL, the ANC members are saying the suspect’s guesthouse and the vehicle may have been used in the brutal murder process. However, according to them, this does not mean that the suspect was involved. The message said the suspect could not have killed Hillary, because he was a highly educated political researcher based at the Mpumalanga Legislature and held the position of director. The ANC members are defending the suspect, saying he owns four student accommodations, which he also uses as a guest house during school holidays. His five work vehicles are used by his staff, as well as a bus for students. They are saying it would be difficult for him to know who is using his cars and his houses. He won’t know who is in his properties and what are they doing at any given time. “Over and above (that) he is extremely busy with (political work) and his job,” reads the message trending on ANC WhatsApp groups.

These messages have left many in shock. “How do they defend a killer. Does the ANC monitor the moves of their comrades. This is shocking indeed”, a Twitter user said.

EFF to accompany the Gardee family to court

The suspect, together with his co-accused will appear in the Nelspruit Magistrate Court on Monday. The EFF will be accompanying the Gardee family to court. As we speak, heavy police presence is visible outside Mbombela Court in Mpumalanga as the three suspects linked to the murder of Hillary Gardee will appear in court on Monday morning.

Should the suspects be given bail?

If the court gives bail to the three suspects in the killing of Hillary Garden. Then people’s patience is being tested and this will mean the court is not thinking about the safety of the suspects. The community is very angry to keep them in custody until the end of the case.


Image: Members of the Garden family outside court.


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