Tsonga Poetry Masingita Shibambu wins her first-ever SATMA award: congrats

Tsonga Poetry Masingita Shibambu wins her first-ever SATMA award: congrats

Masingita Shibambu a second-year student at the University of Limpopo made her first appearance on the screens when she first ushered President Cyril Ramaphosa with a powerful poem when Ramaphosa was about to deliver the state of the nation address, her poem shook the whole of South Africa.

Masingita who’s 20 years of age was born around Limpopo province from the village called Matiyani which is situated near Punda Maria, she was chosen as an Imbongi or praise poet during Sona and she delivered her poetry in Tsonga and officially welcome the president of the Republic Ramaphosa into parliament.

She was praised by many political parties for a heartwarming welcome and her confidence given her age, and they praised her for Rocking traditional attire Xibelani cloth.

Masingita Shibambu is well known as Ntombhi ya Mutsonga, she shared her excitement about winning the SATMA award as the best poet.

Masingita says she couldn’t believe it and what really stood up for her was the first appearance in parliament.

Shibambu shared her gratitude towards the Limpopo legislature office for affording her an opportunity to go shine during Sona in parliament.

Masingita says she can’t really believe it even now that the rural girl made it and did so well during her first appearance.

Shibambu says she was only used to sharing her poem back in church and community halls where they used to host poem sessions and competitions.

Shibambu started their poetry journey in 2014 and she believed in her dreams and never looked down upon herself until she managed to host a poem competition and that’s where the Provincial Legislature office contacted her and alerted her that she was indeed nominated.

Masingita says she never knew that the videos and clips she shared on social media had so much impact in people’s lives, ” I received so much love from different tribes and gained more followers as they wanted to see my work.

Masingita Shibambu says all credit goes to Benny Mayengani who shared her work and videos to thousands of people who are following him on social media and that’s where I started to get more exposure on social media platforms.

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