Tribute continues to pour in for Mamlambo of Uzala after she lost her mother

Tribute continues to pour in for Mamlambo of Uzala after she lost her mother

They always that death is the bride of all families. No mater how hard we can try to avoid it, it will always come when the time is right. Even though we might not understand at the current moment.

We have just learned about the passing of Zanele KaNagwaza-Msibi. She is the founder of the National Freedom Party(NFP) and this the party that broke away from the Inkata Freedom Party. KaMakwaza Msibi has suffered a stoke some few years ago and she has not been well for some time now. This is one of the reason that she had to step down as the leader of the party because of her ill health. She even suffered a stroke some few years ago while she was on duty as deputy Minister in Ulundi.

Ever since she broke away from the IFP, she was never okay until her last breath. She has really fought hard. Many people went on social media to pay tribute to her.

We know that Mama Zanele KaMakwaza Msibi is the mother of Gugu Gumede who plays the role of Mamlambo who is the actor on Uzalo.

As South Africans we keep on loosing our leaders and this is happening at the time when we are now going for elections. We should learn to appreciate people when they are still alive because if we wait for them to die first, they will never know about it. I have just remember DJ Sbu’s tweet where he says that you never mean anything to people until it is time for them to say RIP and this is the culture that we should move away from as a society.

KaMakwaza Msibi served as a Deputy Minister under the former president Jacob Zuma. She was also a member of National Assembly from 2014 to 2019. She died at the age of 59

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