TOG 1-1 SEN Chelsea Fans Have Every Right To Be Worried About Mendy After Yesterday’s Match

TOG 1-1 SEN Chelsea Fans Have Every Right To Be Worried About Mendy After Yesterday’s Match

Following Senegal’s 1-1 draw with Togo yesterday night, Chelsea fans have expressed their dissatisfaction and worry by the way their number one goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy is being used by his country.

Before this round of international matches, Senegal have already done what they needed to by qualifying for the next round. The two matches they have this week has no meaning whatsoever for them, except to further enhance their reputation.

So, one would expect that they’ll rest some of their first XI players and play with those players who have not been playing regularly.

It was surprising to see that Edouard Mendy played 90 minutes in the match against Togo yesterday.

In the match, Sadio Mane appeared to have picked up an injury in the first half. This automatically puts Liverpool in danger of losing their winger for the heavyweight clash with Arsenal when the Premier League resumes in a week’s time.

Because of this injury, Chelsea fans to have been worried that Senegal should rest Mendy before something happens to him like what has happened to Mane.

In my opinion, they have every right to be worried. Senegal already knows they’re through to the next round. Why risk the very players that are most important to you? Now Mane is a doubt for their next game on Sunday.

For Chelsea, they know that when the AFCON tournament starts, they will lose Mendy for weeks. So, if Senegal happens to be the reason why they lose him before the AFCON really starts, then that is greatly unfair on them.

It is important that national teams realize how important these players are to their club sides. Besides, apart from the fact that they’re the ones paying the players on a weekly basis, they’re the one’s training and developing them for the benefit of both parties.

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