They met on Facebook, when she visited him it ended in tears

They met on Facebook, when she visited him it ended in tears

Facebook has become more of. A dating site than a social media platform.

Every day new people meet and some of them fall in love. That is exactly what happened to a Soweto woman and it ended in tears.

The unnamed woman met her Facebook boyfriend for the first time on Friday and she slept at his rented backroom. That is despite the fact that it was their first time meeting.

Some women are so brave. Meeting someone for the first time and then going to sleep at his house.

The following day the woman told her new 24-year-old boyfriend that she was hungry and he went out with the intention of looking for food.

When he had gone out, the woman then went to the fridge and started looking for food as she was famished.

When she opened the fridge, she came across a greasy discovery. She stumbled upon body parts belonging to a human stashed in the fridge.

She screamed alerting community members who were also shocked to see what she had discovered.

They alerted the police and the man was immediately arrested.

A community member told the Star newspaper that the suspect changed girlfriends regularly, something which worried his landlord.

He said the suspect had been trying to entice a 15-year-old in the area to have her visit him. He had been chatting to the teenager on social media.






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