The tables are turning for Connie Furgerson

The tables are turning for Connie Furgerson

Ever since the passing of Shona Furgerson, a lot of people have been showing Connie Furgerson support in her time of bereavement and although it seems like she was coping at first, everything is starting to fall apart.

Shona Furgerson and Connie Furgerson had gained a lot of reputation for building the empire that they did with the Furgerson Films and other business ventures- as a result, many young couples have been aspiring to someday reach the heights that they reached- but it seems like the empire might be collapsing in a slow but sure way.

Yesterday South Africans woke up to the news that one of their favorite actors, Sk Khoza, had been let go by the Queen following the ongoing case against him for domestic abuse. Shortly after the news broke it was reported that several actors have handed in their resignation in solidarity with SK Khoza.

A lot of South Africans have highlighted this and compared it with Generations when Mfundi Vundla lost the plot and lost the best Generations cast he ever had. Our prayers are with Connie Furgerson as she tries to steer the ship in the right direction alone- it is not easy losing a partner as well as an amazing business partner at the same time.


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