the queen on hot water again

the queen on hot water again

Over the last days, the complaints sufficed on telenovela called The Queen. The fans complained about the show. The complaints include inconsistency and explicit language.

The show has been consistently trending over the past few days. Fans have been trying to reach out to the producers due to the explicit language.

Themba Ndaba playing the character of Brutus and Brenda Ngxoli (Noma Princess) have been using excessive strong language over the past few days.

The complaints started filtering on social media from Monday.

The social media users blaming more the writers and claim that the show should take a break. People have directed anger into the fans which are quite unfair.

Cast members generally only portray the roles given by the scriptwriters. The decision on what they should portray and how is the decision from the scriptwriting department together with the casting directors.

Another important consideration to make is that show acts as an employer and cast members are only employees. In terms of the Labour Relations Act, an employer can fire employees for resisting to perform their duties.

This leaves employees with no choice but to keep on portraying their roles.

Brutus and Noma have been giving the viewers a taste of their sex life. Their characters allow them to portray their role the way they do and both have been acting for a long time. They are both legends and they will always excel in their roles, that might be the reason they portray their roles the way they do.

It is clear that the show is highly affected by the death of Mr. Ferguson and it will take quite some time for it to be up and running again.

The biggest question is how long will the scriptwriters keep providing Brutus, Shaka, and Noma these scripts? Should a show be called off and give other producers a chance while The Show is finding the best way to accommodate the viewers or the show should continue as usual? Please share your thoughts.

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