The next lockdown, Lockdown Bans, and other things the president may address soon. Opinion

The next lockdown, Lockdown Bans, and other things the president may address soon. Opinion

Recently we have seen a spike in new Covid 19 cases. In response to this, the president has organized a meeting with the Coronavirus Council. There’s no saying what they will discuss but, there is a chance that we will find out soon. It’s possible that the president may address the nation soon. So if he does, here are some things he could cover.

The next lockdown :

For a while now South Africans have been hearing predictions about the Fourth wave of Covid 19 cases. However, I don’t think that many have considered that with the Fourth wave will come the possibility of another lockdown. I believe that if the new cases start to rise more, the president may put us in another period of lockdown and it’s something South Africans need to prepare for.

The Lockdown Bans :

With the Lockdown will come a whole set of new restrictions and bans, many of which will severely affect the lifestyles of South Africans. Some of the regular ones that we have seen through previous lockdowns are travel bans, alcohol bans, and even cigarette bans. Some of these may be returning soon depending on what the president announces when he does eventually address the nation.

The date may occur :

All predictions say that the fourth wave will hit us sometime in the middle of December. However in order to stop it from. Happening, we may want to act quickly. This is why I think it’s possible for the president to put us in a light lockdown as soon as he can.

Unfortunately, we won’t know anything for sure until the president addresses us, and while I do believe it will be soon, we can’t be sure of any. What do you think the president will speak on, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news lifestyle news as it happens.

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