The driver gets shot dead as gangsters attack residents

The driver gets shot dead as gangsters attack residents

There are times when you wish if our communities never had illegal firearms. This is mainly because on each given day, there are reports of shootings and violent crimes which are being fueled by the High number of firearms.

A report which was published by Road Safety Company of South Africa announced the shooting of a Toyota Tazz driver. Reports state that he was shot dead by the occupants of a Bakkie in Amoutana, KwaZulu-Natal. Calls were made to emergency service providers soon after the shooting had happened. When they got to the scene, they saw the vehicle resting against a house in an embankment. The driver when assessed while he was on the rear seat was found to be unresponsive and he had gunshot wounds on his body. Community members claimed that occupants of a Toyota Hilux bakkie were behind this attack.

The hitmen fled from the scene after they had shot the driver of the Tazz. The driver of the Tazz eventually lost control of his vehicle and it rolled down a steep embankment until it rested on the walls of a house. The motive of the shooting is not yet known and a manhunt is underway as the police seek to apprehend the suspects behind this attack.

Source: Road Safety Company of South Africa

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