STHEBE UNHAPPY l regret taking the vaccine

STHEBE UNHAPPY l regret taking the vaccine

Sthebe is no longer having a fruitful experience of his life after the vaccination process. People now know how he feels about being not happy and, for others, it is becoming something different that could lead to his experience at the moment.

While not having a good experience, other people are assuring him that his life does not have to be affected by it and it will be another thing to be seen in the past. Is this becoming a motive for those who are not interested in queueing for it?

Will it be compulsory so that people can continue with their lives as, Lorna is concerned about it? Even thinking that they will be getting to them from house to house and being under enforcement delegates to get to them. People have fear about how to live their lifestyle.

Life is no longer the same and people are now living in a time where they are being encouraged towards the vaccination process, which should be the norm. From what people are anticipating about how they are going to have a different lifestyle, it is not clear if it will happen.


Will it be compulsory to go through the vaccine so that you will be able to continue with the lifestyle that you are working hard for? It is like you have terms and conditions on how you should have your life experiences, with the permission of having a jab.

It is very interesting to see what people are already predicting about what will happen to the future lifestyle. Imagine having to show a card so that you will be able to travel the entire country or world because of a paper that is deciding if you are going on or not.

As it stands or revealed, Sthebe is one of those who are regretting the appointment. Nothing is compulsory up to date, but then it is not clear how it will be monitored. It could just remain as only encouraging people and not being forced to it.

Your thoughts?

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