Sophie Ndaba spite fire after Sunday World wrote that her house was sold after failed payments

Sophie Ndaba spite fire after Sunday World wrote that her house was sold after failed payments

Sometimes lies are spread about people, without clear clarification of what has really transpired. We have read of many stories which were untrue and it has been pleasant as these lies can really affect the people who are being lied about. There are so many celebrities who have been through so much in their lives and the media is also one of the things that affect their careers and images so badly. Lies have recently been spread about popular star Sophie Ndaba.

Despite the glamour and pitfalls of her celebrity status, Sophie Ndaba has also weathered some pretty serious storms in her public and private life. Listening to or reading her story, it’s easy to wonder where she got her strength to resist and keep going. It probably has more to do with her life skills and her confidence in her abilities. This star is just amazing and a lot of people just love how she handles certain situations.

An article published by Sunday World has recently caught Sophie Ndaba’s attention as the author claimed that the star was ailing and her house has been sold after she failed to make payments. The article stated that: “Ailing television actress Sophie Ndaba’s posh home in Johannesburg has been sold after she failed to service her bond with Mercantile Bank. Ndaba, who has been battling sugar diabetes for several years, lost the house she bought for over R2.2-million in October 2021, after she struggled to keep up with her monthly instalments.”

When Sophie Ndaba saw the article she was sadden by the lies that has been spread about her, she decided to share the truth about her house. In a clip she shared on her Instagram account, she mentioned that she sold her house to a certain estate agency and, the shortfalls are between Mercantile Bank and her, not the Sunday World journalist. Sophie also showed in the clip that she is not at all ailing. A lot of people jumped into the comments to show her support and to comfort about the whole situation.


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