Sophie Ndaba known as Queen Moroka for generations looks happy with her son

Sophie Ndaba known as Queen Moroka for generations looks happy with her son

Sophie Ndaba and her son Lwandle are having a good day together. The Generations star has not been on TV for a long time and many more people would only remember her when she was still part of the soapie that had many people loving it, during her time as part of it. As for what she went through, surely now they have been good.

It shows how good they are at the moment and that they are no longer having to deal with their past problems or challenges. They took a beautiful picture as they have done so. It shows tremendous life and being happier than before. Tough times never last when you are working towards the future.

Even though some people seem to be worried or surprised about now looking at the picture, it is because they were not able to recognize her. People change with time, and for some people, it is because of the hardships they went through in their life and having to downgrade their lifestyle. It is very normal to have a different look.

Even though Sophie Ndaba has not come out with the things she went through, people thought she would talk about them, especially from the moment they happened. Letaba is the one who was very brave to share more about what they went through with her mother. But what is important is that they have a good life and the past is history.



People like to comment on other people’s matters, and it would not end with them but would still continue further. It is something that is not going to be stopped anytime soon. What they have to do is keep their lifestyle as it is and enjoy every part of it. They are living their lives and who wants to comment bad it remains on that person.

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