Sangoma Opens Up ‘I Struggle to Sustain a Relationship, I miss me.’

Sangoma Opens Up ‘I Struggle to Sustain a Relationship, I miss me.’

A sangoma has created a festival of ideas, comments, and debates after she opened up about her life as a sangoma. The lady or ‘gogo’ as people usually refer to them posted an old picture of herself when she was still slaying and dropped a current one where she is wearing her spiritual attire.

Her captions to the photos are what triggered the debates on her comments. Her caption and comments about being a traditional healer have shown that she is not happy or comfortable with her current situation.

In the post, she said that she is apparently not going to lie and glamorize being a healer. Her claim is that she doesn’t have friends, struggles to sustain a relationship, and gets nauseous and weary when she has to meet up. And apparently on that list was ‘just to mention a few things.’

She went on to claim that she just want to be Matshidiso, “I miss me.” The people then weighed what she said and came up with their different messages of support and criticism.

One in the comments invited her to opt for Christianity telling her that she should accept Jesus as her personal Lord and savior and apparently she shall be saved. This will obviously come from someone who is a Christian and believes that it would be something easier to do.

Someone, however, comforted her saying that they know she misses her old self but she has to make peace with her new personality. “This is the person you have to become to fulfill the agreement you made when you reincarnated, try to find ways to balance old parts of your life (that won’t offend them) with this new life.”

The sangoma showed appreciation to those who gave her words of encouragement. She said that there’s no single piece of doubt in her life, apparently, she cries and mulls over situations but she fully believes she will rise above all adversities.

Like many more others who have said encouraging her, being a sangoma is not a curse or some sort of punishment. There are many Sangomas who a living a decent life with MphoWaBadimo being one close example when focusing on young sangomas.

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