Somizi Did The Unexpected At A Family’s Wedding And Left People Speechless

Somizi Did The Unexpected At A Family’s Wedding And Left People Speechless

Date: 26 September 2021

Today we get to talk more about what Somizi did at his family’s wedding today. Somizi is a South African musician, actor, and television personality. He owns several reality shows. The millionaire Somizi is one of the most influential people in South Africa with millions of followers on his social media platforms page. He is loved by many people country-wide. He is one of the people who love nice food and a lavish lifestyle.

He used to host some well-known celebrities in South Africa at his cooking show. He is indeed good in the kitchen as thousands of people tend to fall in love with his recipes. Just recently he was trending on social media platforms after being accused of abuse by his ex-husband Mohale Motaung. Several accusations about him were made by his ex-husband. Those allegations ruined his career as he lost some of the business contracts he had.

He was removed as the South African Idols judge and that left many fans left in pain. It was revealed that since he left Idols viewing ratings have dropped. He did announce that he was going through a divorce. His divorce announcement left many in shock. The two used to be a power couple and helped many people who are gay to embrace their love. It was like a bomb when he announced his death.

We all know that Somizi loves fashion and always makes sure that he looks the part every time when he is attending an event. Somizi left people amazed today when he instructed a wedding planner at his family’s relative wedding to make him a chair that will match his outfit. The theme of the wedding was red and he looked nice in his outfit. People were left amazed by that. He took it to his Instagram page to show the public this moment. What do you think about this?


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