Causes! Mamkhize explains why she sleeps next to her teddy bear

Causes! Mamkhize explains why she sleeps next to her teddy bear

Shawn Mkhize should be happy wherever she is. Her team Royal AM continues to give their best and TS Galaxy has become their recent victims. Victor Letsoalo is one of the players who are making waves. There should be something that Shawn Mkhize brought to the formerly known as Bloemfontein Celtic that the former owner did not have. Victor Letsoalo was there before but Royal AM took the best out of him.

Shawn Mkhize who is known for living a lavish lifestyle took some photos and posted them on her Facebook page. It was in the morning and she was with the brown teddy bear that she refers to as Mr. Brown. Mackie said that at some point in life you will have to make some tough decisions and choose yourself. “As unconventional as it may be to wake up next to Mr. Brown, the great part is that he is always there, I don’t share him with anybody, he doesn’t hurt my feelings and he doesn’t put me down”, she wrote.

In other words, the businesswoman is saying that, unlike men, her teddy bear will never hurt her feelings. We would undermine the statement but because it is from a divorced woman we respect it, she knows what she is talking about. All the things that she said her Mr. Brown would never do to her are the challenges women face in abusive marriages. The machine is enjoying her life.



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