Somalis shops found not only selling EXPIRED food but look what was found that divided SA: Touching

Somalis shops found not only selling EXPIRED food but look what was found that divided SA: Touching

The Department of Health has launched an urgent inquiry into probable food poisoning in Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape, and Gauteng following the deaths of children following reported noodles consumption.

Foster Mohale, the department’s spokesperson, said on Friday that the department convened an emergency meeting with Environmental Health Practitioners from the three affected provinces and municipalities on Thursday to receive preliminary investigation reports into the children’s deaths and to gather additional information, including the food brand name, supplier or manufacturer, and stores where the food was purchased. See the source image

Additionally, a team of environmental health specialists gathered any other things associated with the suspicious food goods and sent them to a laboratory for testing. Mohale stated that a decisive statement would be made when laboratory tests and forensic investigations are completed.

“This critical information will enable health officials to establish a possible link between the noodles consumed in the provinces and the deaths and to immediately notify suppliers or manufacturers, while also weighing the possibility of recalling all suspected food products from the shelves for large-scale laboratory testing as part of the broader investigation process to avert further loss of life,” the statement read. See the source image

According to Mohale, the investigation will also determine whether local health facilities in the municipal areas where the children died treated other patients for possible food poisoning and associated symptoms and whether mortuaries received human remains of people who died as a result of possible food poisoning.

News24 reported on many youngsters who died mysteriously after supposedly devouring noodles. According to reports on Wednesday, two Mpumalanga siblings died within an hour of one another last week after reportedly eating noodles. Additionally, three children, ages 11 and seven, as well as a six-month-old infant boy, were reported missing in the Eastern Cape.

According to reports, the youngsters became unwell after eating a packet of noodles and died on their trip to the Motherwell clinic. Mohale urged members of the public to notify local authorities of any questionable food products. “They are also urged to maintain proper hygiene while handling food, which includes checking the labeling for best before or related dates and the quality of the products and packaging.”Mpumalanga siblings have died within an hour of each other after allegedly eating noodles last week.

Without any doubt, South Africa is occupied by foreigners’ tuck shops and warehouses. More especially in the townships. After the scandal of noodles broke out, people quickly shared their experience of buying at these tuck shops

One of the residents said:

“I’ve just received pics of a police raid on Somali shops. Not only have some of the goods expired but they also allegedly produce food from products not fit for consumption. It’s one thing trading illegally & most likely being illegal in the country but why poison citizens”.

Everything is possible since this owner always wants to benefit at the expense of the poor. This sparked controversy on social media and South Africans are divided over this matter. The department of health has to work very hard and eliminate these illegal tuck shops and save South Africans.


Dept of Health probes ‘possible food poisonings’ in 3 provinces where kids died after allegedly eating noodles | News24

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