My Daughter Has Been Deprived Of Writing Her Exams Due To Her Unvaccinated State: Lady Says

My Daughter Has Been Deprived Of Writing Her Exams Due To Her Unvaccinated State: Lady Says


South Africa is still aiming their goals on making sure all her citizens get vaccinated. During recent days they enforced some critical guidelines to make sure all South Africans take part in their vaccination programmes. Following a news update on twitter, a woman’s child was asked not to come to school due to her state of not being Vaccinated, not minding their upcoming exams. She wrote, “My daughters school told students from grade 7 to 12 not to come to school on Monday if they not vaccinated. They are currently writing exams meaning if they not vaccinated this weekend they can’t write Monday. What do we call such?”

Her daughter’s school is about writing their exams, but if her daughter isn’t vaccinated before the beginning of the exam, she can’t be able to participate in the examination. This really troubled the mother as she brought it out on her social media platform in order to receive some advice on how to go about it. According to her, she said “What do we call such?” This isn’t a matter that should be focused on without proper reasoning. This might have possibly shown us how serious the situation on vaccination programme is in South Africa nowadays.

The South African government are only trying their best to see that they eradicate Covid-19 out of South Africa. One of the ways we as citizens can prove to them that we value their concern about us is by obeying or adhering to the guidelines put in place to stop the virus from spreading which is mainly, accepting the vaccine. Even some of our well known and respected politicians in South Africa, names like, Herman Mashaba, Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu, Cyril Ramaphosa and others have taken part in the vaccination programme. Adhering to instructions will only bring rest of mind and nothing negative. You can see what this woman is going through, due to lack of instruction.

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