Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani call it quits 

Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani call it quits

South Africa’s beloved actress, Simphiwe Ngema, and her media personality boyfriend, Tino Chinyani call it quits after a good while of serving us relationship goals on Instagram.
After her husband’s passing in 2017 due to hijacking, love was the last thing on Simphiwe’s mind until she attended a function where she was spotted by a model, Tinotenda “Tino” Chinyani who later slid into her DMs and confessed his feelings for the ever beautiful Simz as she calls herself. In a “How it started vs how it’s going” social media trend, Tino revealed to people how their relationship started, and though Tino received criticism for sharing too much information and both of them appearing as too thirsty, they remained unshakable. In an interview with MacG, Simz did admit that she was indeed thirsty and further stated that Tino showed her she could love again and she loved him with her soul.

See their conversation: From there, the two only got stronger as they kept blessing us with their beautiful pictures and videos on social media, which had us cheering for them, happy for Simphiwe Ngema for finding love again after such a sad experience she had been through. They then welcomed their first child together, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani last year in June after Simphiwe successfully hid her entire pregnancy from the media, and recently celebrated his first birthday this year.

A few days after Simphiwe’s 32nd birthday, she took to Instagram to announce “an end of a beautiful love story”. “This has been one of my greatest experiences, a beautiful love story of two people fighting all the odds to be together. I have learned to love again, to feel again, to live again, and to smile again. I will forever be grateful for everything you have taught me. I pray that God gives us the strengths to raise our beautiful son”, said Simphiwe on an Instagram post. She further tagged their son promising to always be great parents to him. “Here’s to friendship and dope a** co-parenting. @Tino_chinyni take care of yourself. Love you forever & always❤”, she added. Four days prior to the breakup announcement on Tino’s birthday, Simz took to Instagram to express just how proud she was of him for finally becoming the man he’s always wanted to be. “Dear Tinotenda Chinyani. You did it, you’re finally becoming the man you’ve always wanted to be and it’s beautiful to see. I am so proud of you. Your life is so inspiring and if this is only the beginning, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you. I love you Baba ka Bhuka. You are an amazing father to our son and I will forever be grateful for the gift you’ve given me. I wish you love, joy, and peace that surpasses human understanding, and I pray that one day you see yourself through my eyes, I see a KING”, she added by wishing him a happy birthday and sharing what seemed to be an inside joke.

Well, I guess as the saying goes, all beautiful things come to an end. We can only hope the two live to cherish the memories they have created together and continue being great parents to the little one as per Simphiwe’s post.


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