After receiving a new position, Newly appointed Mboweni becomes laughing stock

After receiving a new position, Newly appointed Mboweni becomes laughing stock

Shortly after receiving a new position, Tito Mboweni is back to his old tricks which continue to make him a laughing stock for bored South Africans.

Looking back, Mboweni is known for making his life public, especially his cooking skills to say the least.

Now, he is back again, sharing his love for cooking with South Africa but this will forever haunt him.

Chef Mboweni becomes laughing stock.

He shared his dish for the day, that he seemingly has been cooking since the wee hours of the morning and now he unveils the finished product – and no, it is not tinned fish.

However, South Africans know him for cooking tin fish and they’re roasting him for his new dish.

One user said that the dish appears nice because he is very hungry, otherwise it wouldn’t appeal to him at all. The second one claims his cooked chicken looks tired, and adding fuel to the fire by saying the cooking space is dirty.

It is indeed laughable, given how he presented the whole thing and saying the cooking is done is a subtle funny manner himself. Further stating that is not pilchards since he is striving for change whenever he can get it.

However, the change doesn’t resonate with his followers as they still see it as tin fish.

Is it really okay for the country to shade his cooking skills, although he is striving to change his habit of eating tin fish everyday?

How would you rate his cooking skills? Would you eat anything that is cooled by Mr. Mboweni?

Given, the size of the pot, who do you think he invited over for lunch?

Should he continue sharing his love for cooking on his public media platforms or should the mocking be a sign for him to stop altogether?

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