Shocking: Four Children Escaped After Ethiopian Foreigners Tried To Do This To Them In JHB

Shocking: Four Children Escaped After Ethiopian Foreigners Tried To Do This To Them In JHB

Foreigners have again been caught doing illegal acts and that has left many people angry. South African people have been calling for the removal of foreigners in the country as they feel threatened because they have been linked to high crimes such as human trafficking and selling drugs. Almost every day people get to be reported to be missing and what is more heartbreaking is that many get to be found dead and other families never get their loved ones back. It’s sad seeing families losing their loved ones daily and those responsible for such tend to get away with it.

This time around Ethiopian nationals were caught in the act of holding children hostage in Johannesburg. After receiving complaints, police saw it fit to check the place only to find Ethiopian people being the ones who are holding young children hostage. A male and female have been arrested after they were caught at the apartment where the four children escaped. When they were asked, they said the children were left by their relative however one of the victims revealed to the police that they had been held hostage and they used to be threatened by the two Ethiopian nationals. Apparently, they used to threaten to kill innocent children if they do not behave well.

An amount worth ninety-two thousand rands has been found at the apartment. It’s clear that the lives of young people are not really safe. If it was not for the police who rescued them, the worst could have happened. It’s people like them who are making others live in fear and leaving families heartbroken after taking their loved ones. So many families have lost their loved ones due to such matters. People have reacted to the matter and they say they should be given a life sentence.

For as long as they get to be sent to jail for months, they will continue to do as they please. People have urged the police to make sure that these two people do not get released, if they get released, they will be forced to take matters into their own hands. A warning is being sent to parents to be always vigilant and make sure that their children are playing in a safe space. This is to ensure that their lives are safe from such situations. What is your take on this matter? Share your views in the comment section and follow for more news.


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