Log on Sassa page and check your status for June

Log on Sassa page and check your status for June

All 350 grant beneficiaries have started to receive their money. This is really good news indeed, imagine not being paid for almost 3 months.

People are happy they can’t believe it but at last, the 350 are finally paid. To those who haven’t yet received it, they must be patient that their payment date will come. In the meantime I suggest all unpaid 350 beneficiaries to log on the Moya app and check their status.

Lucky to those who have received their money yesterday because they will use it wisely today since it is a holiday. This money’s small indeed at least it’s better than nothing. Some family members will combine it and buy their little basic groceries with it. We also know that food is now expensive these days imagine 2L of Sunflower costing R100. Let’s hope our President will try to intervene because even the petrol is very expensive this day.

We thank Sassa for keeping their promise for paying the 350 and let all participants will receive it. Guys my last advice is that if you are not paid don’t receive a log on to the Sassa app and check your status.


It is good news indeed, at last, to see Sassa finally paying the 350. Let’s hope next month they will pay double including the money for May.

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