She was actually saying her last goodbyes Another South African singer is no more RIP

She was actually saying her last goodbyes Another South African singer is no more RIP

The music industry keeps losing giants and the upcoming artists, dancers, including instrumentalists. South Africa alone has already lost so many great artists and it is never easy saying the last goodbyes to them especially when they were your favourite musicians. Losing your favourite artist is just like losing a role model.

At first when you hear of your favourite artist’s demise it won’t feel real even if you’ve read/heard about it on the tabloids. …

It is with great sadness to announce that Maskandi artist, Thobeka Mguni is no more. The deceased’s mother, Delisile affirmed that the 28-year-old Maskandi musician from Bulwer, KZN died on Wednesday, 3 August after a short illness.

“She fell sick on 1 August. She was short of breath and we rushed her to our local clinic, but her condition worsened and she was rushed to the nearby hospital in Pietermaritzburg,” said Delisile.

“On Wednesday I visited her in the hospital and she asked me to pray for her. She also asked me to burn “impepho” (incense). She thanked everyone who had been part of her life. Now that she’s gone, I can see she was actually saying her last goodbyes. She was full of humility and she took care of me. She would deposit me money whenever I asked for it. I lost a very good child,” she added.

The family, close friends and fans of Thobeka are shattered by the great loss. Her demise came at a time when they least expected it. …

Accepting our mortality and that one day everyone will die is only the beginning of living and dying well. In the human life cycle, everyone dies in the end despite every effort we put into avoiding talking about or planning for the inevitable. Accepting and coming to terms with the fact that death is a normal part of life can help you live more presently. Being conscious of our mortality helps us live each day with more gratitude and helps us appreciate our life.

Most of us think that we have control over our lives and can control how we or the people we love the most will die. But the stark reality is that we don’t have control over either. Preparing and planning for the eventual demise is a part of accepting death as an inevitable part of life.

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