She humiliated her ex-boyfriend by exposing his private part in public after saying this about it

She humiliated her ex-boyfriend by exposing his private part in public after saying this about it

Some ex is toxic and disrespectful more especially after breaking up with their partners. They tend to expose their partners after breaking up with them, and people who normally do this are people who are finding it hard to accept that it’s over between them and the other person. Because during the time they were still dating they never said anything negative about that person. Yes, it’s not easy for someone to accept a breakup but why bad mouth them and humiliate them by saying bad things more especially in public.

A lady by the name of Zethu on Twitter took to her social media account after her ex-boyfriend asked her about their past s3x life. How was their s3x life when they were dating, Zethu says she rated him 2/10. No one knows why she did what she did, she made it worse when she shared the whole thing in public and also mentioned that his pen”s was small.

Men are very sensitive people with big egos, and once that ego is bruised it’s hard to be restored. No matter how hard you can hate a man there are things you just can’t say to them or about them in public only because you want to get back at them, for probably hurting you by leaving you.

Every man wants to make sure they satisfy their woman in bed, and that’s one of the things that boost their ego. And most women know that that’s why in most cases when they break up they run to expose men by saying they have a small private part or they are bad in bed.

For this guy to ask this lady about how was their s3x life he was probably wrong, but then again this lady was also wrong to bring this in public humiliating him like that. And on top of that drag the current girlfriend in their drama. What will happen if she finds out that someone said this about her man? Or even for that matter, her man asked another woman about their past s3x life

Except humiliating this guy she also exposed the current girlfriend by saying this in public. Lady learn to respect


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